OOO MDO “Argun” offers its clients three types of money transfer programs. Money transfer on payment systems “CONTACT”, “Золотая Корона ” and “Leader”. You can send money at any time abroad, and receive from around the world.
The money transfer system of the  “Золотая Корона” or Golden Crown is instant money transfers without opening an account in Russia, or CIS and other countries.

Commission for the transfer of Russia and the CIS – 0,7%. Money transfer can be received in a few seconds after it is sent

Money transfers to the Republic of Tajikistan in the “Golden Crown” system can be issued in four currencies: rubles, US dollars, euros, somoni. The delivery of money transfers arriving in Tajikistan in rubles is carried out in the national currency – Somoni. Payment of money transfers made in US dollars, euros and somoni is carried out in the transfer currency.

The system “GOLDEN CROWN” has more than 49,000 service outlets.
The service points of the Golden Crown are represented in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, the Czech Republic and other countries.
Customers of MDO “Argun” in Tajikistan can use the services of the CONTACT Payment System to send and receive money transfers from around the world.

LLC MDO Argun, with the head office of Dushanbe, a branch in Khujand and 7 centers of banking services.

Thanks to cooperation with the CONTACT system, clients of MDO “Argun” have the opportunity to receive and send money transfers to the Republic of Tajikistan, the CIS and another 170 countries. Transfers are made in three currencies – US dollars, euros and rubles.

Payment of CONTACT transfers in the offices of MDO “Argun” is made in somoni at the rate of NB Tajikistan, the commission for the payment of money is not charged.
You can send a transfer from Russia to Tajikistan without commission at the points of the CONTACT system – bank branches and agents’ offices, as well as with the help of QIWI Terminals, through the web and mobile applications Visa QIWI Wallet provided that the sending and receiving currencies do not match. Term of delivery of the transfer to Tajikistan – in real time.
Open Company MDO “Argun” with the purposes of more extensive service of the clients has begun cooperation with Payment system “Leader”. Now in all the centers of banking services of MDO “Argun”, including the Head Office, it is possible to receive and send money transfers through the “Leader” system. Transfers to Tajikistan are sent in rubles, US dollars or euros. Immediately after sending the transfer is ready for issuance in the country of destination. It is also possible to transfer money to the beneficiary’s bank card. The network of the “Leader” system in Tajikistan includes 1500 points. The service of sending and receiving money transfers is available in 300,000 service points in 130 countries of the presence of the “Leader” system.